Kids' sports are so out of control these days. Even the household pets get a medal!

Kids’ sports are so out of control these days. Even the household pets get a medal!

Ellie is at a half-day dance camp this week with her friend Amelia, and Zach is at the sitter’s every day this week, so I am taking advantage of the free mornings by working in a coffee shop (I scored a table by the plug! this is a banner day!) and the free afternoons by doing some fun things with Ellie. First up: her 4-year-old vaccinations! We sure know how to party. It is nice to have just her in the car occasionally, as we can have an actual conversation, which I enjoy far more than listening to the dulcet tones of siblings bickering in the back seat (“Stop it!” “No, YOU stop it!”) and/or the sounds of a frustrated toddler unable to get his shoes off, and then the sounds of a frustrated toddler when he has successfully removed his shoes but has realized that he actually still wants them on. This morning we were discussing the difference between horses and unicorns, and Ellie told me in an aggrieved, “is this too much to ask?!” tone of voice, “I just want to SEE a unicorn and PET it and RIDE on it!”

Soccer, mercifully, is over for the season. We ended on a high note with Ellie playing happily and then receiving a participation medal, which she has proudly showed off to many people over the past couple of weeks. I’m not sure if we’ll do it again next summer or not, but I am glad we tried it, and I am also glad it meant I got to witness Zach, who got ahold of one of the spray bottles Ellie’s team used during a warmup activity, figure out how to spray himself in the face, and then proceed to do so for the next twenty minutes while cackling madly. *squirt* “HAHAHA FACE!” *squirt* “HAHAHA NECK! Wet!”

I hurt my shoulder last week while vigorously wiping down the kitchen counter. You can feel free to make a joke about how I clearly need to do more housework if I am so out of shape, chore-wise, that I am literally injuring myself in the process. I need to be proactive to reduce my risk of developing further cleaning injuries. Vacuumer’s elbow! Toilet scrubber’s knee! Dust lung!

I have met a few new people recently and enjoyed their company, so I took a bold step (for me) and added them as friends on Facebook. However, days or weeks have passed and not a single one of them has approved my friend request. This leads me to two possible conclusions: either my Facebook app is malfunctioning and no one ever received my request, or making friends in your 30s is really no easier than making friends in your teens. Part of me wishes I was still Ellie’s age, where you are so charmingly innocent that you assume any kid roughly your size is either your friend or, in the case of a select ten or twenty, your BEST friend.