Zach is so over winter

Zach is so over winter

We have reached the point of winter where I have started browsing real estate listings in Maui and openly weeping, while also eating miniature Cadbury eggs. The kids are sick again! Desperate, angsty exclamation point! I took Zach to the doctor for the forty-thousandth time yesterday, and when I asked the doctor, “I know little kids are adorable petri dishes, but I feel like Zach has been sick ALL WINTER? Is this NORMAL?” he chuckled and said yes, especially since he goes to daycare, but he will have a robust immune system later. I strongly believe that since they only go to daycare two days a week, they should only come down with 20% of the potential bugs that are going around, but apparently that is not how the immune system works. I suppose this is just another one of those phases I should be cherishing, because in 20 years, when the kids are grown and never call or visit anymore, I will wish I had a toddler around who could sneeze directly into my open mouth.


Ellie, while singing along to Taylor Swift: Mommy, what does “I can make a bad boy good for the weekend” mean?

Me: It means she has plans to spend the weekend engaged in wholesome activities with a good friend. It also means I need to be more careful when selecting music for the car.


Ellie: Mommy, what’s your favourite part of the banana?

Me: The … inside part?

Ellie: WHAT part?

Me: The … part you eat?

Ellie: You mean the soft part?

Me: Yes! The soft part.

Ellie: So not the peel, then?

Me: No. Not the peel.

Ellie: Hmm. Okay.