Princess Norton of Arendelle

We live in a little town that is in Mennonite country, so we often have horse-and-buggies go down our street, since it’s a wide street that bypasses the traffic (okay, “traffic” with air-quotes, because it’s a tiny town that I think is technically considered a “village”) of the “downtown” (more air-quotes). I think it is something that might strike others as kind of odd, to see a horse cloppity-clopping (sound of coconuts banging together) its way down a street in the suburbs, but I barely even notice it anymore, except when the horse happens to poop in front of our house. Ellie noticed it one day and announced to me, “Mommy! A horse POOPED on the ROAD!” It was still there several days later, at which point she demanded indignantly, “Shouldn’t SOMEONE clean that UP?” Then, as I was loading the kids into the car at Walmart the other day, she pointed at an abandoned cart a few spaces over and said in a rather appalled tone of voice, “Mommy, LOOK! Someone just LEFT their cart RIGHT THERE.” Her righteous indignation is coming along nicely. For our next lesson, we will talk about when people get in the express line with 15 items in flagrant disregard of the “10 items or less” sign. (Advanced class: whether 15 cans of soup count as one item. No, no they do not.) (Super advanced class: why the sign should actually say “10 items or fewer”.)

Speaking of groceries (segue!) Mike thinks I am a product marketer’s dream, due to the level of enthusiasm I am able to summon for slightly updated versions of products I already like. He might have come to that conclusion after hearing my shriek of joy upon discovering Vanilla Rice Krispies. (Delicious, by the way. Enthusiasm totally warranted.) While browsing in the dairy section at Walmart, I stumbled across chocolate yogurt, which I bought, because what they say about not grocery shopping while hungry is indeed true. Do you know what chocolate yogurt is? Pudding. It is pudding. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting, but I feel like I’ve been had.