I’m sorry, does that say “cheese museum”?

I somehow managed to both cut and burn myself while making lunch today. The resulting tuna melt was not worth the injuries sustained in its creation, although the burning was because I put cheese on top and stuck it under the broiler, and the cheese was delicious, if not particularly plentiful. I decided last week that I wanted to see if Zach had outgrown his dairy intolerance yet (most babies outgrow it between 6-12 months, and he is currently a week past 7 months, which seems like as good at time as any for this experiment because I don’t want to go without dairy for a moment longer than necessary) so I added a bit more dairy back into MY diet, which was exhilirating (cheese! yogurt!) and disappointing (nausea! crying, barfy baby!) and ultimately I determined that Zach hasn’t outgrown it yet, and that I might have more of a problem with dairy than I had anticipated. Years of tummy troubles might all come down to a dairy intolerance of my own, which is … not something I want to think about. And I really hate the “I gave up [specific evil food group] and I’ve lost weight, feel great, got promoted at work, and my boyfriend of 17 years finally popped the question!” people, but … my skin is a lot better? And my pants are looser. So perhaps it is not only Zach who is happier and healthier as a result of this dietary change. Although one might wonder if one can truly use the word “happier” in a discussion that covers a possible life without pizza. (“Which is really no kind of life at all!” I am prone to bellowing melodramatically whenever the subject comes up, which is surpisingly often.)

(Sidebar: this experiment, failure that it was, was partially born of the fact that I had to go to Kincardine last weekend for a meeting and would be driving right past the Pine River Cheese store, home of a delicious cheddar with ribbons of caramelized onion throughout, which is as delicious as it sounds. Possibly more. Might I offer a word of caution, however? Do not send someone who hasn’t eaten any dairy in several months into a cheese store. We now have $30 of cheese I can’t eat, which I guess Mike will have to consume on his own. He’s such a trooper.)

This morning we discovered that some of the baby food we have been giving Zach is extremely poorly labelled and as such he might have been ingesting dairy in a more direct fashion in the past week, so it’s possible his reaction was to that and not to the increase in his indirect source (me) and anyway, I think my new approach might be to consume tiny amounts here and there (like a light sprinkle of 7-year aged cheddar on the aforementioned disastrous tuna melt) and see what happens. I don’t know. It feels silly to bemoan the absence of yogurt in my life while the world is full of people who don’t have enough of ANY kind of food, but this has been a major adjustment for me, and one that might seem a bit foolish given the fact that there is formula he can safely have that is widely available and relatively reasonably priced, and one I regularly question the wisdom of myself. Babies, man! It is a good thing they have such adorably giant heads and such comically unimpressed reactions to your rousing renditions of “Part of Your World”.