It is spring in our kitchen! (Real spring to follow everywhere else 2-3 months.)

Zach was more or less awake for the day at 5:30 this morning, and I would like to go on record as saying I do not approve of this at all, especially not in February when it is still pitch black outside. Mike sent me back to bed after I finished nursing the baby, and I think I fell asleep for a few more minutes, which it turns out is precisely long enough to dream that I was standing in my parents’ kitchen, forced to defend myself against an intruder while armed with only an orange. (It was quite a large orange but still mostly ineffective.)

Today feels sort of Mondayish, and I’m also cataloguing my latest cold symptoms as part of a game I’ve become discouragingly proficient at this winter: Sick STILL or Sick AGAIN? Perhaps I can somehow market this idea (turn it into an app? a board game? a wildy popular reality show?) and make enough money to winter somewhere warm. (I have always wanted to be the sort of person who used “winter” as a verb.) I assume I will need a venture capitalist for this plan. Does anyone know one?

Ordinarily I would medicate this sort of day with cookies or some other delicious morale-boosting substance, but Zach seems to have a dairy intolerance so I have sworn off dairy for the time being in order to reduce both his misery and the number of loads of laundry I have to do each day, so instead I ate a bowl of Shredded Wheat with a milk substitute on top and … it is not the same as cookies. But both the children are currently napping, and I have a warm blanket and a cup of coffee (caffeinated! soothing on a sore throat!) and uploading that tulip photo above reminded me we planted tulip bulbs outside last summer but I don’t remember where we put them or which colours we picked so I have surprise spring flowers to look forward to eventually and it is several days closer to the weekend than if it were ACTUALLY Monday, so perhaps morale will improve without the cookies if I keep reminding myself of those facts.