Have you heard of the Wonder Weeks? It’s a book based on the research of a pair of Dutch psychologists who studied a large group of babies and discovered two things: their development occurs in leaps and bounds on a very predictable schedule based on their due date, and when a baby is having one of these developmental leaps he or she is prone to fussiness, poor sleep, and a change in eating habits. I agree it sounds sort of crazy (also it has a dumb name, but we will not hold that against them) but we found with Ellie — and also now with Zach — that it was weirdly accurate. Zach, in fact, keeps so closely to the chart in the book that I’m starting to wonder if he has a copy squirelled away somewhere in his room that he references when we’re not looking.

His current leap is projected to be about five weeks long and includes the four month sleep regression, so I’ve been watching the countdown in my iPhone app as though he is some sort of ticking bomb. Much like his sister, when he is having a rough day he insists upon being held while standing (standing ONLY! no sitting allowed! even if nothing will change in his position if you sit! his development is fuelled by your discomfort!) and I think he must have gained some weight since his last wonder week because we’re only two days into this one and already I’m hobbling and limping around like I engaged in some sort of vigorous athletic activity.

This afternoon, after a lengthy period of being a crankopottamus, he finally fell asleep on my chest, deep enough that he gradually slid over until he sort of tipped over backwards onto my lap, where he remained asleep. I, however, was awake through this whole process, so I’m sure you can imagine my surprise to rise from the couch an hour later and discover a large bug bite on my cheek. It is mid-winter in Ontario so I assume all of the mosquitos are either dead or at their condos in Florida, which means a spider crawled across my face, completely unbeknownst to me, and lingered long enough to bite me. Mike always says what’s the big deal if a bug crawls on you and you don’t notice, but I like my spiders where I can see them. (Also dead or in Florida.)