Monthly archive for April 2013

Free weekend! Woo!

Mike took Ellie away this weekend to visit his parents, also known as Ellie’s Grandma and (for reasons that remain unclear to everyone) Grunki. (Note to those who know where I live: please don’t come burgle my house. Despite what I have said in the past, our dog is really quite ferocious, and also we don’t have much of value, unless you count the boxes of Duplo in my car that I purchased for Ellie’s birthday. She turns two next weekend. Can you even believe it! I cannot.) I had big plans for a lot of debauchery while they were gone, but since I am still finding pregnancy really unpleasant so enjoyable I have to take to my bed for a two-hour nap every day just to recover from the excitement, upon their departure I took to my bed for a two-hour nap. Upon rising, I ventured into town to get the ingredients for potato soup, stopped at Starbucks, did a bunch of work, watched the Kardashians for three hours, made soup, and then ventured back into town for the aforementioned Duplo (which, incidentally, was the first time I have ventured outside after 7 p.m. in I don’t know how long, perhaps several months). I also stopped at Starbucks again. Don’t judge me. The baby wanted lemonade.

I really can’t explain why the Kardashians are my go-to for mindless television, except that I so infrequently have both the time and the inclination to watch something truly stupid on TV, and it is quite soothing to be able to skip six months of a show and still be able to follow the plot. The last time I watched it was last fall when Mike and I were in Washington DC, and at the time Rob, Kardashian brother and erstwhile businessman, was working on launching his sock line, which I gather is a set of socks? that he designed? At any rate, this weekend was the official launch party for the sock line. I fully expect to tune in again in August to hear the sales results from the socks’ first week on the market.

Wow! Pants!

Sorry for the silence around these parts lately, dear readers. The past three months have been lost to the mists of time, and also the mists of never-ending morning sickness and exhaustion. The good news (aside from the baby, due in October) is that the fog seems to be lifting. This news has been greeted with much fanfare in our house. I came down the stairs the other day wearing jeans and Ellie responded with an awed, “Wowwww! Pants!” She turns two in a couple of weeks, and already demonstrates advanced knowledge of the difference between house pants and outside-the-house pants. I’m so proud. Hopefully we have just as much luck with the next one.