I believe I am suffering from a bit of Post-Christmas Letdown. Luckily we have another Christmas scheduled for this upcoming weekend, so there will be further merriment to distract me from the fact that after Christmas, there is only the bleak, endless expanse of winter to look forward to, if by “look forward to” we mean “suffer through, because we do not have the funds or the work visa required to pack up our belongings and move to Maui”. So far today, I have accomplished the following: gotten out of bed, consumed two cups of coffee, turned on the TV for Ellie, attempted to cobble together some sort of lunch for her from the various sad items remaining in our cupboards, and stolen several pieces of Mike’s Christmas chocolate. In my defense, I am still recovering from the cold my body had the temerity to allow past my weak but nonetheless quite complicated system of defense, which includes Vitamin D, Cold FX, Emergen-C Immune Boost Effervescent Liquid in Juicy Orange flavour, my own personal immune system, and optimistic thoughts. As is her wont, Ellie brought this cold upon us, and as is MY wont every time I catch something from her, I marvel at how good-natured she is while sick, because she still plays and sleeps relatively well, whereas I spend all of my sick time flopping listlessly on the couch, occasionally becoming vertical in order to drive to a pharmacy to purchase more products that will inevitably do nothing to alleviate my symptoms. Our medicine cabinet, it probably goes without saying, is quite well stocked.

Yesterday I got desperate enough to google for some home remedies, figuring that even if they didn’t work, exactly, it would not truly be wasted time, at least no more wasted than if I had spent it flopped on the couch, reading about conspiracy theories on my phone. Various sites with folksy names suggested that a spoonful of honey would soothe a sore, scratchy throat, and while I can’t report that substituting irish cream fudge in place of the honey will cure what ails you, it is certainly very good for morale. I also poured some sesame oil that had been heated with mashed garlic into my ear and although it did not unplug my sinuses such that I could actually hear again, I did spend the evening smelling faintly of stir fry. The last thing I remember from yesterday was asking Mike to make me a hot toddy, after which I happened upon the pleasant realization that adding lemon, honey, and hot water can almost make whisky palatable, and adding an antihistamine will allow me to sleep through the night for the first time since Sunday. Verdict on home remedies: they are DELICIOUS.