Forgive the radio silence, dear readers, but I am afraid I have been sick. Not just the run-of-the-mill cold-based plagues that Ellie seems to insist upon regularly bringing into our home, but rather the kind of sickness that causes you to lie on the couch moaning about the unfairness of it all while your spouse, who heroically stayed home to take care of you only to be felled HIMSELF by one of the aforementioned Ellie Plagues, brings you ginger ale and applesauce. We were supposed to head to my parents’ this weekend to celebrate my dad’s birthday, but that was rescheduled, and I had an unpleasant feeling that I had been sick last year around this time with strep throat. Through the miracle of this blog’s search feature I discovered it was actually in February that I’d had strep, which means it was my sister’s birthday that I ruined, not my dad’s, but either way I am 2/5 for family birthdays this year rescheduled on account of me being ill. One of the reasons I remember the strep incident is that — aside from the fact that I caught it at the dentist — the most infuriating thing was that I had just made it through a 15 day streak of doing the 30 Day Shred workout DVD, had finally mastered push-ups (and by “mastered” I mean I was able to do a couple of them), spent a couple of days on the couch, and then just … never went back to it. THIS week had just seen the arrival in the mail of the two new exercise DVDs I’d recently ordered, and while I’m not saying that it is clear to me that exercise is bad for your health, I’m not NOT saying that.

Instead of hanging with my family, Mike and I spent the weekend lying on the couch while Ellie charged around, doing toddler stuff and happily eating whatever we fed her, which was grilled cheese sandwiches at least 50% of the time. I highly recommend “strong ability to entertain own self” as a baby feature, and for anyone out there considering having another child, I’d strongly suggest you pay extra for the upgrade, as we did. For the most part she was very easy to parent from our sick beds, very low-maintenance, only requiring we rouse ourselves occasionally to bark commands from the couch, such as, “The chalk goes on the easel, not the wall!” and “Daisy doesn’t like it when you chase her with the doll stroller!” and “You don’t get to say ‘uh oh’ when you deliberately dumped your bowl of Cheerios on the floor! That’s not how ‘uh oh’ works!”

In related Ellie news, a few weeks ago she abruptly started calling me “Mommy” instead of “Mama”, like some sort of fully formed teenager instead of what she really is (my baaaaabyyyyyyy!). Toddlers are so rude, with their developing language skills and their learning new things and their insisting upon trying them out!