It is difficult to photograph a Christmas tree in a non-cheesy way

I am about to express what I expect will be an unpopular opinion: I really, truly enjoy how ridiculously early the Christmas season starts each year. I recognize that the retail establishment doesn’t exactly have honourable intentions, but I can’t help myself. I don’t just begrudgingly accept it, I EMBRACE it. I like Christmas music and Christmas lights and Christmas shopping and Christmas decorations (not to mention all of the music and lights and decorations associated with other winter holidays) and I welcome the appearance of all of these things the second the candles are blown out of our collective jack-o-lanterns. In fact, I was nearly beside myself with glee the other night when I discovered that Mike’s coworker, who lives across the street from us, already has her Christmas lights turned on. The winter I was pregnant with Ellie, I would always take the long route back to bed after getting up fifty (50) million times each night, just so I could peek out the window and see the lights on our quiet, snowy street. The fact that I got to enjoy the lights while everyone else in our neighbourhood was sound asleep made me feel a little bit better about the fact that I was repeatedly awake to enjoy the lights while everyone else in our neighbourhood was sound asleep.

We didn’t put any up last year because we moved at the beginning of December, but I am excited about this year, because I think we are going to find a home for our old lights and try something new this year. But what? I feel like I have the capacity to dither about this as long and hard as I dither about paint colours. Coloured or white? LED or … I don’t know what the alternative is called, or if they even still make them. Twinkly or non-twinkly? Just on the roof, or also around the windows or the pole on our porch? Do we need a wreath? I think we need a wreath. Tell me what to do, Internet. I await your festive advice.