We call this pose “Downward Facing Kitty”

It has been a strange and tiring week around here, faithful readers. Last Thursday, Ellie spiked a high fever that eventually required our first family trip to the emergency room. I have taken other people’s children to the ER half a dozen times, thanks to my involvement with camp, but it is quite a bit different to take your own child. I mean, I’m sure that goes without saying, but I said it anyway, because I kept thinking it while we were there. We are the ones making decisions! About someone’s health! And that someone isn’t particularly able to clearly communicate what is wrong! It is very humbling. This is the second time we’ve had her in to the doctor and had him say, “A fever that high almost always indicates an infection, but she doesn’t seem to have one, so … virus?” So I guess Ellie gets high fevers when she has a virus. As far as health problems go, it’s certainly minor, and I was reminded — as I am every time I’m at the hospital, which thankfully isn’t that often — how nice it is to leave without receiving a bill. It gives my socialist heart a little thrill.

She’s much better, but now we’re on the tail end (or what is hopefully the tail end) of a couple of weeks of nighly wakeups, and I just have to say (after I peer around all corners to make sure there are no moms with tiny, waking-every-two-hours newborns reading this) that I am SO TIRED. I am out of practice with this getting up at night thing, and it has certainly quelled any cravings I was having for a fresh baby. I did this many times a night for several months in a row? And I didn’t go stark raving mad? How is that possible?

Thankfully, her current level of cuteness helps to mitigate the unpleasantness of the nightly wakeups. (It also mitigates the fact that she has started vigorously shaking her head no to everything I say, do, or suggest, which is both hilarious and infuriating.) Yesterday she sat on the couch, flipping through my Food Network magazine, naming all of the things she recognized, which is to say for ten minutes it was a constant stream of, “Eyes! Cookie! Cookie! Eyes!” because she has recently discovered that everyone has eyes and thinks that’s pretty awesome. She also calls lights “eyes” which I think clearly demonstrates her brilliance (you use them both to see! isn’t that clever?) and Mike thinks it just illustrates the fact that she still can’t enunciate all that well (she calls birds “bees”). So, you know, I guess I won’t call Mensa JUST YET. We shall see.