Remember when I posted that babies are boring, but toddlers are awesome? And even though nobody commented and SAID this, you were probably all thinking, “Oh Lauren, just wait! Toddlers are not awesome.” On the one hand, I appreciate that nobody said that, because “just wait” people are terrible people, but on the other hand, I have discovered I was wrong about toddlers. I’m sure it goes without saying that I love my little Ellie Bean, and I find her adorable and hilarious and she is the best, best thing … but it is also worth mentioning that yesterday was a very difficult day. If we had had any ice cream in the house, I would have been eating it directly out of the carton by 1 p.m.

I may have to go out and get some ice cream, because today is not looking much better. Ellie is a lot happier, so I am a lot happier, but I am also UNhappier, because I have a looming dental appointment, and that can suck the joy out of even the happiest of days. The last time I posted about dentists, my friend Lindsay commented and said that for someone who hates the dentist, I sure go an awful lot. That is a sad, sad truth. I hate the dentist, but I have also been cursed with terrible teeth. They look lovely, but under the surface lurks some malevolent force that wants to strip me of all future happiness. I go for a cleaning every four months, to try to keep that malevolent force at bay. Well, that’s not entirely true. I book an appointment for every four months, then the week before when they call to say they’re looking forward to seeing me, I reschedule the appointment, so it’s usually about every five months that I go. Plus I regularly have to have fillings put in or replaced, because my teeth are made of swiss cheese and some sort of crude spackle.

I originally had an appointment scheduled in September, but then Ellie’s daycare day changed from Wednesday to Thursday, so I had to reschedule. I was VERY happy about this, and very smug, because they couldn’t fit me in with my regular hygienist for another month, so I got a month’s grace without it even being my fault. Then I was eating a peanut, and a piece of my tooth broke off, and I ended up having to go get it fixed on the very same day my original appointment was scheduled for. Which was infuriating, but also kind of funny. (I suppose you have to respect a universe for a dirty trick like that. Well played, universe.) Anyway, that original appointment from a month ago is in 90 minutes and I’m just typing this here so that if I don’t make it, you will remember me as I was: a brave, brave soul who never once complained about going to the dentist.