Kitty on the move!

Today is the last day of vacation, which is both sad (no more lounging around the hotel! no more margaritas with dinner! no more having someone else make my bed every day!) and happy (no more missing Ellie!). Luckily, Ellie spent the week with my parents, which means I could just focus on the missing, without having to do any worrying. It also means that Ellie now has a Hallowe’en costume. I’m not sure what we’re going to do with her that day — can you take an 18-month-old trick-or-treating? or will that just look like Mike and I are begging for free candy? — but I have a feeling we will get our money’s worth regardless. Kitty costume at breakfast! Kitty costume at the park! Kitty costume while watching Sesame Street! It has a TAIL, people. An honest-to-goodness TAIL.

We had to change hotels this weekend (Mike’s conference is actually two conferences in two different locations) and this hotel is so, so lovely, and it is in a harbourfront area, which reminds me that one of my biggest life goals is to someday live somewhere with some actual water. It was kind of drizzly today, and a little grey, but it was quite warm (25C) … at least, I THOUGHT it was warm, until a nice Southern girl in line with me at a coffee shop said it was definitely a pumpkin chai kind of day, isn’t it FREEZING out there? Er, no. Cold is what I will be whining about when we’re wheels down in Toronto tomorrow. And then again every day until May.

Which reminds me, one other good thing about returning home is that there should be a box waiting for us, containing my beloved Old Navy slippers, which are finally back in stock. I ordered three pairs, such is my devotion to these slippers, but now I’m wondering if that was enough. If you were going to stock up on something you love that is shoddily constructed, how much of it would you buy? I remember asking my friend Chris, when a seasonal beer he loved was available again, if he would buy a lot of it, and he said something crazy about how special things aren’t special anymore if you have access to them year round. This is not my life philosophy. I believe in STOCKING UP. If there is ever such a thing as a slipper drought, you are all welcome at our place.