Mike and I are currently in Arlington, VA on vacation. Well, I’M on vacation, while Mike is at an actuarial conference. This means I am hanging out in the hotel room while he does his work stuff, and occasionally wandering aimlessly around the neighbourhood surrounding our hotel room, which unfortunately is right in the middle of a business area, so there’s not many sights to see. Which is okay, because we’ve got all weekend to explore, and in the meantime I’ve got some work to do and I have American TV channels to keep me company. In between the campaign ads, there are occasionally brief moments of actual television! With shows we don’t get at home! I’m enjoying it while nibbling on some foods we can’t get at home. America, I don’t want to live in you, but I sure enjoy your entertainment and snack products.

The hotel doesn’t seem to have the American food channel, which is a darn shame, but it does have E! (The exclamation point belongs to the channel; it does not represent my level of excitement about it.) (To be fair, my level of excitement is pretty high. Maybe I would have used the exclamation point even if it wasn’t required by branding.) I’ve been half-watching a lot of reality TV, mostly shows involving various Kardashians, and it has been VERY EDUCATIONAL. Did you know that you can have a “sock line” if you’re a celebrity? And that your “sock line” can introduce you to the world as a legitimate international businessman? And that having the release of your “sock line” delayed is a devastating blow to your self esteem? Also, they keep running a commercial advertising a show about one of the Jonas Brothers and his wife, and in the commercial the brother gets a mysterious phone call and the wife says her heart is “literally broken”. Which, er? If it’s literally broken, you should probably get that looked at by a professional.

Gotta go, a show is starting called “Fatal Honeymoons” and the teaser clip featured a woman tearfully asking, “I mean, who DIES on their HONEYMOON?!” I think I need to change the channel.