Happy Friday! Today is a day where Ellie and I didn’t have any plans, and I quite looked forward to that, as I always do until I remember that Ellie is never particularly keen on just laying around, reading magazines and watching episodes of Ellen I have saved on the DVR. I was going to comment that babies do not have a strong appreciation for the joys of relaxation, but at the time of writing she has been napping for almost three hours, so maybe she understands the appeal of mellow time more than I previously thought. If I had known she was going to take a nap of this impressive length, I would have started some sort of major project (like gardening or curing cancer) but instead I dyed my hair and then cleaned up the kitchen and then drank some coffee. The hair dyeing was a bit of a bust, as it so often is, because no matter which colour I choose my hair always ends up brown. This time it was “Caramel Kiss”, which was described on the box as a “dark iridescent blonde” but which is, in reality, BROWN.

All of this reminds me of a few years ago, when I was having my hair cut, and one of the other stylist in the salon went on at great length and impressive decibel about how one of her clients had brown hair, and it was terrible, it wasn’t light brown or dark brown, just BROWN, you know? And she wanted it to be a different colour, because of course she did — why would anyone want hair that was just BROWN? And my stylist gave her a pointed look, and gestured at my head, saying “Oh, you mean sort of like Lauren’s hair?” and rather than being properly embarrassed by her tirade, she laughed and said, “YES, exactly!” And so it is a good thing very little of my self esteem is wrapped up in the colour of my hair.