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Allotments, yours vs. mine

It has been brought to my attention (by my sister) that I have spent too much time blogging about Ellie, and not enough time blogging about HER. I told her that if she was as cute and interesting as Ellie is, she’d probably have more blog posts written about her, but not only did she not accept that explanation, she found it kind of “offensive”. However, she also rejected my suggestion that she fall off the end of a treadmill so I’d have something to write about, so here we are. With a New Post window open, a special blogging request, and not much to say. I mean, I love my sister, but she hasn’t really done anything outrageous enough to inspire a full post about her, and I’m pretty sure if I made stuff up she’d swoop in immediately to correct me. However, I am nothing if not accommodating to my adoring public, so here are 3 Lesley Fun Facts for her appeasement and your enjoyment: (more…)

Winter storm watch

While we’re loving every moment around here, I should tell you that I was at Walmart a few weeks ago, on an errand I pretty much invented just as an excuse to get out of the house (so it wasn’t a day where I was LOVING every moment so much as looking for ways to FILL every moment) and as I was checking out with my toothpaste and baby food, I happened to glance into the photo studio, and saw a huge promotional sign affixed to the wall that proclaimed “THESE ARE THE MOMENTS!” Et tu, Walmart? ET TU?

I have another mug that is more thematically consistent with the way I was feeling on Thursday, when I obviously selected the wrong mug for the job. It has a sad-looking Eeyore on it (perhaps that was redundant, since I suppose Eeyore rarely if ever looks gleeful, but I think being able to fully picture his morose expression is key to your understanding of the awesomeness of this particular mug) and over his head it says, “Good morning. If it is a good morning. Which I doubt.” I save this mug for mornings that require the mood boost that only commiseration with a sad donkey can bring.   (more…)

Loving the moment

This teething thing, man. It is really throwing me for a loop. Or taking the wind out of my sails. Or something. I am too tired to summon the correct metaphor. She got two teeth back at Thanksgiving, and I thought to myself, “Self, this teething thing is a piece of cake! I don’t know what everyone else complains about. A little drool, a few slightly crabby days — Ellie is a champion teether and we have this teething thing licked!” However, now she seems to be working on SIX TEETH all at once and I feel like it has been going on for the past seventeen years. She won’t let me look in her mouth (I invented a game called Upside Down / Rightside Up specifically for that purpose, but she seems to have caught on to me and now closes her mouth pretty tight even when flipped upside down) so I don’t really know for sure what’s going on in there, but I think three of the six have broken through, so we’re halfway there! Woooo! (Not wooo.) She was up one (1) zillion times last night, and for the first time in months I decided to have a nap while she was napping, but was woken up after five minutes by Norton wandering around the house, meowing pitifully about how tragic his life is. Then the phone rang, and it was a telemarketer calling all the way from India to see if we wanted to subscribe to our local newspaper, which makes very little sense on several levels, but I politely declined rather than saying what I wanted to say, namely that their paper is lousy with typos and I wouldn’t read it if THEY paid ME to. Now I’m sitting huddled at the computer, drinking tea resentfully from a mug that says “love the moment” on its side and googling recipes for Cat a l’Orange. I think these are the days that make you panic a little bit when the nostalgic elderly in line at the grocery stores tell you they’re the best ones of your life.


I got my hair cut last week for the first time in probably almost a year. It had reached the point where drastic measures seemed necessary, so I asked Mario, my hair guy of 10 years, to give me bangs. My cousin Trish, currently residing in Kuwait and still waiting for the package I mailed almost five months ago, recently got her hair cut into bangs, and since SHE had bangs, I decided I had to have them too. (I think it all dates back to when we were 8 and SHE had a BeDazzler and I did NOT have a BeDazzler. If you can even believe that! Such TRAUMA inflected upon my young self.) Mario flat-out said no, we are not doing that, because you have a short forehead and a whorl at the front of your hair and you would constantly have 80s bangs. So I (still planning on taking the aforementioned drastic measures) asked him to give me a nice sleek bob. He said no, we are not doing that, because you don’t like to style your hair and bobs require a great deal of styling, so your hair will either look bad or you will hate it or both. So I said FINE, just cut off as much as you can without causing me to hate it, and he gave me a lovely cut that looks great and is not so long that Ellie yanks on it nor so short it requires much styling. (He once told me he thought it was great his mom had a long layover in Amsterdam because it meant she could go out and explore England, but the guy does know hair even if he doesn’t know basic geography.) However, I happened to be in Bath & Body Works last week and discovered a new product that promised to give me “beachy, windswept hair” and I have applied it faithfully every day since and NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON has asked me if I just came from the beach. (more…)