Monthly archive for March 2012


Ellie goes to daycare on Wednesdays, and I try to get some client work done and go to appointments that are otherwise difficult to schedule. I love Wednesdays, although yesterday kind of sucked, because I had a dentist appointment, and rather than cancelling it I actually went, because I’d already rescheduled it twice and even with my dental phobia I still have a keen sense of just how much WORSE things could get if I didn’t go (that’s really the only thing that ever gets me in the door for any sort of dental appointment, cleaning or fillings or whatever) and you can only call to reschedule so many times before you’re just too embarrassed to do it again. My limit seems to be 3 times, although it can be 2, depending on which receptionist I talk to. (One of them is very nice and one of them is a little abrupt.) I also employ this strategy at the gym, where they allow you to make a reservation in the nursery using their online system, but make you phone and speak to an actual person to cancel, so I end up going to work out much more often than I really want to, because I am too mortified to call and cancel on account of my imagination, wherein the receptionists and nursery staff (who are actually quite lovely in person) are cold and judgmental and snicker after getting off the phone with me, rolling their eyes and saying “Guess who called to cancel AGAIN!” (I know this is probably not true, but please do not ruin this illusion for me. I require it for my health.)  (more…)


I am typing this quickly because it sounds like naptime is coming to an end prematurely. It is 24 degrees here, so I left Ellie’s bedroom window open to see if she could sleep through neighbourhood sounds, and it seems as though that experiment is a failure, although it is possible she just wants to get up so she can resume chasing the cats while shrieking “KITTY!” at the top of her lungs. This is an activity the cats are unenthusiastic about, as you can imagine. Thankfully, Ellie is enthusiastic enough about it to more than make up for their disinterest. (more…)

Diagnosis: adorable

It is 4:38 on Sunday afternoon, and I think I have prematurely come down with a case of the Mondays. There’s just not enough weekend, you know? I never felt that way before we had Ellie. I feel like we spend our weekends scurrying to and fro, trying to get everything done we didn’t get done during the week, like installing baby gates and getting groceries and preparing taxes and sorting through the teetering pile of mail on the kitchen island to make sure we haven’t forgotten any bills amongst the magazines that just aren’t getting read. We were supposed to go watch our friends’ two little boys get baptized this morning and then visit with some other friends in the same town, and we didn’t end up going because the roads here seemed really bad this morning, and even with an extra unplanned empty day, I still feel like there just wasn’t enough time. (more…)