A couple of months ago, Mike and I began tentatively discussing the possibility of maybe, potentially buying a new house, in the distant future, since our the number of bedrooms in our current house is one short if we plan to someday expand our family. We thought maybe we should start having a look around, because it might take us a very long time to find the house we were looking for. My birthday was last weekend, and instead of doing what I had originally planned (lounging around in my pajamas, reading a magazine, eating birthday cake, maybe taking a long bath) we ended up looking at a couple of houses. We fell head over heels with one of them, and ended up making an offer that night, which means I have to admit once and for all that we are the sort of people who impulse purchase a house, since we did that with our first house. Although that has worked out very well for us (it’s a lovely home on a quiet cul de sac, corner lot, new dishwasher — anyone want to buy it?) I will admit I’m a little uneasy with being the sort of people who basically buy the house equivalent of the Snickers bar by the cash register at the grocery store, assuming the Snickers bar was the right size, with beautiful upgrades and hardwood floors and the perfect spot for my office, and the grocery store was really, really motivated to sell the Snickers bar. Or maybe we bought the house equivalent of the puppy at the pet store that you just want to hold, but not buy, because you don’t really NEED a puppy right now, maybe in a year, when the timing is right?

Okay, clearly my metaphors have all fallen to pieces here, but the upshot is that we are moving! To a perfect house out in Wellesley, a cute little Mennonite town about 15 minutes from K-W. It has 4 bedrooms, plus a room for my office, and it was a ridiculously good price. There is a tiny grocery store with an LCBO outlet right inside (open on Sundays) and a gas station (closed on Sundays). There are also two Lutheran churches, which we think is maybe a pretty high number of Lutheran churches per person. The little town is lovely and the house is beautiful and I can’t believe it’s ours!

I also can’t believe that now we have to sell our current house. It is all very EXCITING and very CRAZY-MAKING. Especially since we thought “Oh, we will need a bigger house EVENTUALLY, and these things can sometimes take a very long time, so we might as well go look at a few houses on the weekend” AND THEN BAM: NEW HOUSE. No time to prepare at a leisurely pace! No time to get used to the idea! So we spent last week running around getting our house ready to list, de-cluttering and painting trim and cleaning and panicking (that last one was mostly me). It went on the market on Thursday morning, and there were 2 showings that night, and two scheduled for today, which is a very good sign. Our realtor is optimistic that it will sell quickly, but in the meantime I am hanging out at Camp Mom & Dad with Ellie and Daisy (it’s just easier to not have to get all of us ready to get out of the house for showings) which is quite a nice place to be, if I can’t be at home, because it is good to hang out with my parents and it gives me the freedom to write newsletter articles and blog posts at an actual coffee shop, and drink a hot beverage without needing to reheat it a hundred times. I miss Mike, of course, but someone needs to be at home to sweep up the pebbles the cats track out of the litterbox and ensure our house smells uniformly of Pumpkin Caramel Latte air freshener (available at a Bath & Body Works location at a mall near you) and homey-ness, rather than of the little spots of pureed peas that are probably all over the kitchen, because have you ever tried to teach a baby how to eat solids? IT IS NOT A TIDY PROCESS.