I went to the dentist yesterday for a cleaning and to have a filling replaced, and while I was under the influence of nitrous oxide, the dentist found another cavity on the same side, and proceeded to fill it while he was poking around in there. I was pretty excited about this, because it meant that the Time Until Next Dentist Appointment clock had been reset to the furthest possible time.

AND THEN. I had some x-rays, and they found three more cavities. Three! THREE. For a total of FOUR. I just … I mean … I can’t even. Apparently this is a common side effect of having a baby. Between that, and the hives, and the high blood pressure, and the hair loss, and the saggy abdominal area, and the stretch marks, and the allergic reaction to the blood pressure medication, and the cornea problems, I have to say — Pregnancy: I Do Not Recommend It. (I do recommend the whole baby thing. It’s just that the most common way of acquiring one leaves a little to be desired.)