July 26 was the 8-year anniversary of the day Mike stood up in front of a small group of our family and closest friends and promised to love, honour, and cherish me even though I have no idea where our ironing board is. Our friend Bethany babysat for a couple of hours and we went out to dinner at our favourite restaurant in Guelph, where we discussed how much our lives have changed in the past year and then argued a little bit about the role government should play in administering social services. It was a lovely evening and pretty representative of our marriage, as was the pro tip Mike whispered conspiratorially to Ellie the other day when I disappeared into our room to get changed into (as I put it) “real pants” only to appear again wearing my purple plaid pajama bottoms: “Just so you know, when Mommy says ‘pants’ she ALMOST ALWAYS means ‘pajamas’.”

There’s no denying I’m a very lucky woman.