The weekend that just passed was a long weekend, so we escaped for a couple of days to the Niagara area for what I guess you would have to call a “babymoon” even if you hate that expression, which I do.  The hotel we stayed at, which we have stayed at several times before, was lovely, although I was woken up early on the first morning by our next door neighbours, who (I am trying to be charitable here) must have been deaf TV enthusiasts excited to find a quiet wing of a hotel in which to throw themselves into their beloved pastime with wild abandon.  The only other problem with the hotel was that a lot of the hallways were lined with full-length mirrors, so I had no choice but to admit that I have finally started to waddle, but that realization was offset by the joy and relief of floating around weightlessly in the hotel pool twice daily, and the delicious indulgence of paying a nice lady in the spa to paint my toenails a ridiculous hot pink colour that I can’t stop staring at. 

The dog spent the weekend at the kennel, and although she always comes home exhausted from all the play time with the other dogs, I’m sure she was happy for a brief respite from the game that Mike invented recently, called “Will She Lick It?”  Much like “Will It Blend?” (a popular game invented by David Letterman) the rules are quite simple:  you hold an object, any object, in front of Daisy’s mouth and see if she will lick it.  So far I think we’re batting very nearly a thousand (which is not particularly surprising because, as I’ve mentioned before, she once licked a hole in the wall) with the list of the only household items that have not been licked pretty much consisting exclusively of Mike’s beloved Australian sheepskin slippers, which are so very ugly he and I argue with some regularity about why they are a necessary part of our lives.  While it was disheartening to know that Daisy won’t be chewing the slippers into tiny ugly pieces any time soon, it was nice to know I have an ally in the house who shares my general distaste for this particular footwear.