Our house seems to be widely considered a spider haven, in spite of the fact that I have tried very hard to make sure they all know they are not welcome here.  I mostly do this by hurling heavy books on top of them and then leaving the carcasses wherever they are as a warning to all future spiders (or until Mike gets home or the cats eat it) and while it seems to me like a very good Spider Management System, for some reason it doesn’t work and it is definitely not working now. 

I was on our top floor earlier this morning, and there is a rather large, rather horrifying spider in the corner (where two walls meet, not the wall and the ceiling, and it’s basically at eye level, which is especially offensive to my delicate sensibilities, not to mention extra cocky on the spider’s behalf).  It seems to be mostly encased in what appears to be a sophisticated cocoon made of its own web.  I tried to smack it with a heavy book, but it’s not really in a spot that lends itself to well to squishing, except for maybe with a flimsy book (and are you kidding me?  that’s not going to happen) so for now (i.e. until Mike gets home) I am just leaving it and casting a paranoid glance at it every time I walk past.  Normally I wouldn’t leave a potentially live spider unattended (when you do that, you’re just asking to wake up with one crawling smugly across your face) but this is a new situation for me and I’m unsure of how to proceed.

My question is this:  the cocoon means it’s dead, right?  Or at least that it will be dead soon and just wants to be left alone in the meantime?  Or do some kinds of spiders hibernate for six weeks and then emerge from their cocoon in a new, even more terrifying form, the subsequent events eventually inspiring a lesser-known director (after a suitable amount of time has passed, of course) to make a movie about this, inexplicably casting Megan Fox in my role?