Monthly archive for July 2010

In the gloaming

Mike was out last night playing baseball (a late game, meaning they didn’t even start until 9:00 and I shouldn’t expect him home until after 11:00 unless his team was schooled or they trounced the other time) and when I got home from a late dinner with friends I decided I should take the dog for a walk, seeing as neither of us had gotten any exercise yesterday due to the oppressive heat.  I used to walk Daisy late in the evening all the time, long meandering walks designed to exhaust my body enough so I could sleep, but I haven’t done it in ages for a variety of reasons, not least of which is the problem I have with mosquitoes and the fact that I never really found the twilight walks made any difference to my ability to fall asleep.  (more…)

Are we there yet?

I think I’ve mentioned before that we’re heading to Cape Breton Island in August for a little bit of relaxin’ and whale watchin’ and cottage livin’.  I booked our flights a few months ago and got a great deal through a Westjet seat sale.  I booked our hotel for our few days in Halifax a few weeks ago and got a great deal through Hotwired.  I went to book our car rental a couple of days ago and … discovered it would cost more than both our round trip flights.  (more…)

4 whole days

Is there anything better than a 4-day weekend?  I wager there is not.  With Canada Day occurring on a Thursday this year, we figured it was only prudent to take the Friday off as well, and at the time of writing Mike and I have 3.5 work-free days spreading out before us in such an astounding fashion I feel like little Simba in the Lion King standing at the edge of his kingdom, gaping wordlessly at the glory before him.  It’s a weekend!  Four whole days!  Off in a row!  We could do anything!  The sky is the limit!  The world is our oyster!  And so on!  Exclamation point!  (more…)