There are a lot of Mennonite farms around here, many of which sell their farm-related wares right from their barns.  They often have large hand-lettered signs hung on their gates, advertising which produce or meat they sell and letting people know they’re not open on Sunday.  We drove past one on our way to St. Jacobs this weekend that said “GOLDEN DOODLE PUPS” in large letters on the top, and “BEANS” in equally large print at the bottom.  I will admit that I thought about this for quite a while and I’m still not sure which item would likely be the impulse purchase in this case, and whether people are more likely to need beans and then realize they ALSO need a puppy, or plan to buy a puppy and then think that beans sound really good for dinner, or happen to need BOTH beans AND a puppy and are delighted by the discovery of one convenient location to make both purchases.