Is there anything better than a 4-day weekend?  I wager there is not.  With Canada Day occurring on a Thursday this year, we figured it was only prudent to take the Friday off as well, and at the time of writing Mike and I have 3.5 work-free days spreading out before us in such an astounding fashion I feel like little Simba in the Lion King standing at the edge of his kingdom, gaping wordlessly at the glory before him.  It’s a weekend!  Four whole days!  Off in a row!  We could do anything!  The sky is the limit!  The world is our oyster!  And so on!  Exclamation point! 

So.  I went for a walk this morning and then Mike and I did some yardwork, wherein he pulled out some shrubberies and I wandered around our lawn bent at the waist, spraying some supposedly eco-friendly chemicals on the weeds congregating around our sad, pathetic lawn.  One of the chemicals is made with iron, and applying it to the lawn is not unlike spraying the weeds with watered down blood.  The other is made with vinegar, and applying it to the lawn is not unlike spraying the weeds with a watered down version of something we already had in our kitchen and probably paid a fraction of the price to purchase.

But one cannot spend a 4-day weekend lamenting the foolhardy purchase of $9 bottles of $3 vinegar, because one has friends coming over shortly to eat burgers and play bocce ball, and one also has birthday cake ice cream spinning away in the ice cream maker, because one expects to work up a sweat while playing bocce and will likely need refreshment and sustenance after.  One is CERTAINLY not willing to argue that last point, because what is summer for if not a brief 2-month period where one can eat all the ice cream she or he wants?

Tomorrow I have a couple of hours of work to do (it is a sad reality of the self-employed life that it tends to appeal to people who have no ability to say no when money is offered in exchange for goods and/or services) and then I believe we are going to buy new towels for the bathroom.  My computer needs some work since it recently decided that the ONE thing I ask it to do (i.e. boot up) is too much effort to put forth on a regular basis, and our windows need washing, as does some laundry and perhaps our floors as well.  But there are also mojitos to drink and bike rides to take and conservation areas to hike and a whole case of Diet Cherry Coke from the States to pour over half a tray of ice cubes and consume leisurely on the deck.

Is there anything better than a 4-day weekend at home after a month of crazy weekends, 4 whole days in which to accomplish about 3 hours of work, 4 whole days to sleep in and throw the tennis ball for a happy dog, 4 whole days to read that book that is half finished on the table beside your bed, 4 whole days to likely forget to apply sunscreen and yet not mind the sunburn because you can always take a long nap while you wait for the burning to subside?  I wager there is not.  It may not be particularly glamourous, but it certainly is glorious.