Monthly archive for May 2010

A simple fish

I just stumbled across another example of my occasionally wildly inconsistent note taking skills, nestled in amongst several pages of otherwise perfectly coherent notes from an interview I did this afternoon for a newsletter article.  Apparently the topic we were discussing, which I won’t go into too many details about here but was nonetheless a rather serious topic that had nothing whatsoever to do with ichthyology,  is a “complex issue without a simple fish”.

I’m … not exactly sure what happened there.

Five months of freedom

So.  All of that flossing I’ve been doing?  Really makes no difference whatsoever in the misery level of my dental appointments, as I experienced this morning at 8:00.  (Incidentally, I may have discovered the worst possible way to begin a day and I now know that the correct response to “How about first thing in the morning?” is to politely and calmly ask the receptionist if she’s lost her mind.)  Leah the Singing Hygienist said it made HER feel better that I was flossing, which I suppose counts for something, but it certainly didn’t make ME feel better, so I feel kind of like I’ve been lied to, and I’m tempted to give up on the whole flossing palaver altogether, except that it was kind of nice to skip the whole condescending flossing lecture and just get right into the painful poking this morning, and besides, now it’s a habit and a somewhat virtuous one at that, and it makes me feel kind of smug every time I do it.  (See also:  taking a multivitamin, wearing SPF 45 when I’m out in the sun for longer than 10 minutes.)

There’s an episode of The Simpsons when Homer says that the best part of the week is on Sunday morning right when church is over, because then it’s the longest possible time until there is church AGAIN, and I kind of feel that way every time I leave the dentist, except also sort of queasy and desperate to get home and wash the dentist stink off under a very long, very hot shower.  It’s a little over 5 months until I go back, which I believe is PLENTY of time for someone to find a way to use nanoparticles to make dental cleanings obsolete.

Three short complaints, each unrelated to the others

1.  I dropped my iPhone on my big toe a week ago, and it hurt enough it actually brought tears to my eyes, and my big toe has been a particularly psychedelic shade of purple ever since.  It was the third time I’d dropped it in the same day, so now I’m in the market for a sturdy yet attractive case for it, but I can’t help but wonder why someone would make such an expensive piece of technology so darn SLIPPERY.  (more…)

To get to the other side

There are little pockets of wilderness here and there around our subdivision, streams and ponds and wooded areas, and it means that occasionally very stupid bunnies have babies in our yard and from time to time I walk the dog past a sign that says something to the effect of “Beware!  There be badgers here.”  It also means that there are lots of ducks around during the spring and summer, ducks that occasionally decide to cross the street without first finding a crosswalk and then cautiously looking both ways.  Sometimes you have to make some allowances for these ducks, since obviously they do not fully understand the tragic repercussions of darting into traffic.  (more…)

The ants go marching two by two

Mike and I have spent the last several days attempting to deal with The Situation With Our Lawn.  The situation can essentially be boiled down to the fact that our subdivision is prone to infestations of European crane flies, bugs that basically look like giant mosquitoes and spend most of the fall making baby versions of themselves in the form of larvae who burrow into the lawn and nourish themselves by nibbling on the grass roots.  This, combined with the ban on pesticides, has made it increasingly difficult to maintain a lawn that looks like anything other than a sanctuary for wayward dandelions.  (more…)