Monthly archive for February 2010

A lesser sacrifice

Confession:  I quite enjoy Lent.  Not just for its religious implications (of which I very much grasp the significance), or the required consumption of large quantities of pancakes in order to officially kick off the season (of which I very much grasp the deliciousness), but also for the specific period of time in which I can happily sacrifice a thing or a habit I hold onto perhaps a little too tightly, all the while knowing there is an end in sight.  It’s basically a little bite-sized nugget of personal and spiritual growth and as such, I find I can usually get behind it with some success.  (more…)


I recently stumbled across a website that will give you a word cloud of your blog, where the most commonly used words are represented in a visually pleasing way, with the most frequently used words in large type, and the less frequently used words in small type.  It was kind of cool to get a little bit of insight into my own brain, and one of the things I discovered was that apparently I talk about sleep, and I talk about it a lot.  I love to sleep, but I tend not to get a lot of it, or not a lot of good quality sleep, anyway.  I lie awake, or I dream about stressful things, or I thrash around so much that Mike wakes me up, like I tend to do with the dog when she’s whimpering in her sleep and I can’t tell if it’s a good dream or a bad dream and decide to err on the side of caution because she’s my pal and I don’t want her stuck in nightmares about giant tennis balls chasing HER Indiana-Jones-style or mean orange cats that punch her in the face for no reason or whatever it is that dogs dream about.  (more…)

Mutation celebration

We spent the weekend at my parents’ house celebrating my sister’s birthday, and then subsequently at the house of friends of ours, celebrating the Superbowl (and by “celebrating” I mean I glanced up periodically from the chubby face of the baby in my lap to spout random facts about some of the players – facts that, like everything else I seem to know, appear randomly in my brain and crowd out useful information – and stuff my face with chicken and guacamole) and as a result of all of the celebrating, I’m pretty sure that were I some sort of camel or hibernating bear, I would never have to eat again.  I am sadly not a camel, nor do I have any real bear-type properties, so I am probably going to have lunch in half an hour as is my custom.  (more…)

The scene of the crime

People who know me well know I’m a stickler for the rules.  No, not THOSE rules, but rather the rules, written and unwritten, that make our society run as a well-oiled, polite machine.  It’s why I’ve never had a speeding ticket, and why I get so annoyed at people that sit behind in me in the theatre and insist on talking through a whole movie, and also why, ever since it became illegal to talk on a cellphone in the car without using a hands-free device and I discovered I don’t have a hands-free device, I tend to shriek into the phone “TALK FAST I’M AT A STOPLIGHT YOU HAVE 10 SECONDS WHAT DO YOU WANT?” and then after 10 seconds of confused silence I yell, “TIME’S UP LIGHT’S GREEN THANKS FOR CALLING!” and hurl the phone down onto the passenger seat.  (more…)

Baby it’s cold inside

I don’t have much to say today except to suggest that my electric blanket breaking in the same 24 hour period as the furnace is a confluence of events that would be funny if it wasn’t so COLD, and frankly one I’d rather not experience again.  The furnace is fixed and it’s not 16 degrees in here anymore, which is nice, and moreover we didn’t even have to pay to have it fixed thanks to our protection plan, which is also nice, but I’m just now thawing out, thanks to the heat of my laptop and the snuggliness of my cat and the fuzziness of my sweater.  If it had continued much longer, I may have had to resort to the ridiculousness of my sock rabbit hat.