So, Christmas is over, which means our holidays are over, which means that after two glorious weeks of sleeping late, I have to set my alarm again which, of course, is something I hate doing, but the pain of which is somewhat mitigated as of late since my parents gifted me with a special alarm clock in which I can dock my iPhone, so as to wake up to something I have carefully selected to be engaging and energizing, rather than the bad news and obnoxious DJ chatter that usually pipes cheerfully but depressingly and annoyingly out of my alarm clock at the top of the hour.  I’m currently in the process of selecting the Perfect Song To Wake Up To, and so far the best I could come up with is Eye of the Tiger, but I think it leaves a little something to be desired and I’d be happy to entertain suggestions or recommendations from interested parties.

At any rate, the one strange thing about this alarm clock, as I discovered on Monday morning, and then again yesterday, and finally had to check the manual to confirm, is that each snooze cycle (the amount of time I get to fall back asleep after hitting that most wondrous of buttons) is only 5 minutes, rather than the standard 9, and it has an upper limit to the number of times you can make use of it on any given morning.  I hit it a handful of times on Monday morning, as is my habit, and finally roused myself, only to discover it was much earlier than I anticipated.  The same thing happened yesterday, and this morning I just raised the white flag and got out of bed pretty much immediately, so it seems to have the desired effect, but I can’t help but feel that I’m being reprimanded or judged a little by Sony, as if they’re saying that yes, I SUPPOSE we’ll give you a few extra minutes of sleep, but you should have been up an HOUR ago, so we’ll check in with you again in 5 minutes to see where you’re at.  I mean, REALLY.