Just in case you have been labouring under the misconception that I haven’t been blogging because I lead a very glamourous life and have been spending all of my free time at lavish parties, being fed champagne and strawberries by princes and other members of monarchy and/or nobility (or just in case you have been giving this any thought at all, in which case I say thanks for noticing my absence and offer half-hearted promises it won’t happen again any time soon) I can assure you that is not the case.  I have been working lots, and Mike has been studying lots, and I have been spending significant amounts of time leaving town to avoid being in the way of the aforementioned studying, and I honestly haven’t had that much to say.

I’ve eaten turkey and I’ve been shopping and I’ve seen babies and I’ve celebrated my birthday and it has all been perfectly wonderful, but also free of any controversy or the kind of excitement that would interest anyone other than myself or perhaps the dog, who for some reason always finds my day-to-day activities so enthralling that she insists on following me from room to room all day long, wagging her tail expectantly.

I had planned to update today because Bethany said she missed me (hi Bethany!) but I woke up this morning with a familiar tightness in my chest that is disconcertingly reminiscent of the last two times I had the good ol’ influenza, so instead of providing you with any sort of real blog post, I am going to publish this one and go off in search of princes & other sorts of noblemen to feed me tea and chicken noodle soup while I fervently hope it’s just a cold.