I’m sitting right now in my office, and it’s a little gloomy outside, and more than a little rainy.  I am supposed to be heading out in half an hour for a bike ride that I don’t think will actually happen, because biking in the rain at my beloved local Park o’ Controversy and Scandal will likely also mean biking in the company of large clouds of mosquitoes, which will leave me about as itchy and miserable as you’d expect (and perhaps even moreso).  It’s a little dark in here, and even the pets have abandoned me, with the notable exception of the fat orange cat, who generally needs to be surgically removed from his chair at the end of the day on account of his prominent rump having adhered to the fabric in a most adorable yet entirely inconvenient fashion.  (I swear, it’s almost like he melts a little.  Little known fact:  cats are actually liquid at room temperature.) 

I had the most delightful of weekends, beginning with a visit to Mike’s second cousin’s hobby farm, where I got to snuggle an aggressively affectionate black lab named Carl and pet some baby Belted Galloways (also commonly known as oreo cookie cows), followed by a stop for ice cream at a roadside stand in the middle of nowhere on the way to Owen Sound and an extended party mix of Mike’s friends from high school, all of whom are incredibly musical (i.e. former band geeks, some of whom are current and future symphony geeks) and informed me several times and in no uncertain terms that  the “giant xylophone” in the spare room upstairs is actually called a marimba.

We wrapped the weekend up with a Sunday evening viewing of Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus with Chris and Pam.  The movie stars Debbie Gibson and Lorenzo Lamas, and was about as awful and hilarious as you’d expect, with the added bonus of a scene where the Mega Shark manages to actually snatch a plane out of the air at 30,000 feet.  Using that criteria alone, it may actually be the best movie ever.

In unrelated news, I lamented yesterday on Twitter that my daily sojourns to the mailbox were not turning up cheques or novelty t-shirts.  I was rewarded for my whining by the Canada Post employee responsible for our street by both a cheque AND my novelty t-shirts, the former of which inexplicably contained an extra $5 and the latter of which means I can now sartorially communicate my feelings on both haikus and the presence of raisins in cookies, respectively.

That brings us up to Wednesday at 2:00 p.m.  How’s your week going so far?