It’s been so long since I’ve had a good night’s sleep that I really don’t remember what it’s like.  It’s not really so late right now (it’s only just approaching midnight now as I type this) but the house is dark, quiet, and creepy; I’m tense and wide, wide awake; and I have a memory of 3:45 this morning that is far more distinct than I would like.

I kind of feel like I’m maybe supposed to learn something from these late nights, but I’m really not sure what they teach me, other than new and interesting ways to be grumpy.  As I’ve mentioned before, the “Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff” desk calendar Mike gave me for Christmas has been alternately inspirational and creepy.  The few clever ones I have saved and taped up on my desk.  One cautions against the cloudy thoughts that result from dwelling on past or future worries, and one says to “simply make the decision to do the best you can in every given situation”.

Every given situation would, then, include late nights and early mornings spent awake against my will.  But how to make the best of this?  Spend the time in quiet reflection?  Bake some cookies?  Write a sonnet?  What would you do, if you found yourself with a few extra hours of wakefulness a few times a week?