Skeptical baby would like to know what you are posting about him on the internet

I picked up our voter cards from the mailbox this morning. Isn’t election season exciting? Constant phone calls from campaign offices! Signs everywhere! Finding out on Facebook that people you like and respect have political views you find reprehensible! Still, I love to vote. I get such a thrill from it. I expressed to Mike that I wished there was a way I could vote in the place of all of the people who couldn’t be bothered, and he said something about “voter fraud” so I guess that won’t be happening, but still! June 12th! I will see you at the polls!

Zach has started waking up for the day between 5:00-6:00 a.m., which is … early. I know some babies are just early risers, but we wanted to test that theory, so I went out on Friday to buy some blackout curtains for his room since we thought maybe he was just getting up when the sun got up. He’s still waking up early, but every time I walk into or past his room I think about how dark and inviting it looks and get a sudden powerful craving for a nap. So at least the blackout curtains are working on someone in our house.