Figure 1.1: koala bear sleeping

I had a dream last night that I was in my last year of high school, and instead of the usual school stress dreams (unprepared for final exam; forgot to attend class all semester) I had received a mark of 46 on an English assignment that was worth most of my grade for the class, and because my subconscious refused to believe that I would actually fail something like that, I spent quite a while adding up all of the various areas in which we were graded in the hopes that the assignment was actually out of, say, 50, and not 100 percentage points. Eventually the teacher, played in the dream by an unpleasant former boss of mine, came over and confirmed that I had, in fact, received a failing grade, but I could just explain to the admissions people at the universities I was applying to that I had just had a baby the week before, so the mark was not indicative of my usual performance.

A few weeks ago I would have been quite irritated to waste perfectly good sleep on doing math, meeting with a former boss, and failing something I’m actually pretty good at in real life, but the truth is sleeping is going pretty well around here. Zach is a very good baby. We are quite pleased with him. So pleased, in fact, that I said to Mike this morning, “We CANNOT have any more children!” Although I am starting to understand how gamblers who hit a streak of good luck want to keep going. More babies! (Note: there will be no more babies.)

Ellie likes to sit in my lap and use my phone to view pictures, usually of herself although occasionally of something else. Her most recent fascination is the koala. I do a quick Google image search for them, and she flips through the photos one by one, providing helpful commentary: “Koala bear! Koala bear! Koala bear with leafs in his mouth! Baby koala bear and mommy koala bear! Koala bear! That koala bear sleeping! That koala bear awake!” And so forth. So please let me know if you have any koalas laying around the house and you need help determining their state of consciousness. I will send her right over.