Literal cat nap

I don’t know if it’s because we live in a small town, or for some other reason, but our power seems to go out an awful lot, often for no apparent reason. Yesterday, for example, it went out in spite of the fact that it was clear and sunny outside. The annoying thing about the loss of power is not so much the darkness or quietness or lack-of-TV-ness, but the fact that the smoke alarm beeps once, loudly, when it goes out, and then beeps extensively (also loudly) when it goes back on. Sometimes the power flickers on and off a few times, so we get to enjoy this symphony a lot over the course of an hour. Zach was napping yesterday while this was going on, and at one point I thought, rather irritably, “I don’t UNDERSTAND why the smoke alarm is outside the BEDROOMS and why it has to be SO LOUD. It is just going to WAKE EVERYONE UP.” Which is … the whole purpose of the smoke alarm in the first place. It is possible I am more sleep deprived than I realize.

This might be partially a result of my own poor judgment. First thing in the morning, and when I am up with the baby in the middle of the night, I enjoy vivid fantasies about the nap I plan to take later on. Making this fantasy a reality requires a specific confluence of events that rarely occurs (namely that both kids are asleep at the same time) but even when it DOES happen I can hardly ever seem to bring myself to actually take the greatly anticipated nap. It is far too tempting to stay awake for that precious hour where no one is touching me or repeating the same questions 100 times.

It is mostly a moot point anyway, because I do not often have the opportunity, although I remain optimistic that this will change in the future, if not for the sake of a good nap, then at least so I can go back to work part-time after Christmas without losing my mind. At this point, however, Zach is not yet on any kind of a schedule, with the exception of one very specific thing. When he was still residing in utero, he would get the hiccups every single night between 9:00-10:00. This has continued like clockwork every night since he was born, even adjusting with the time change. I find this very odd.