We’ve made some headway on the language thing as Ellie seems to now understand that the question “what do you want to eat?” is not just a request to say please, but it doesn’t always help, because sometimes she will tell you seventeen times that she wants “supper” for breakfast, and when you patiently explain seventeen times in response that “supper” isn’t a specific food and wouldn’t she rather have some Cheerios, because that’s what you’re having and it would be so nice to just prepare one food, she instead tells you she would prefer a bagel, so you make a bagel, and when you return to the table with your own bowl of Cheerios, she will push her bagel aside and ask politely, “Mommy share Cheerios?” When that happens, you will probably just hand over your bowl, because you were too nauseous to eat breakfast anyway.

According to the app on my phone, it seems like the third trimester of this pregnancy starts tomorrow, and it is just as well because feeling this awkward and cumbersome in the SECOND trimester feels a bit premature. Whenever I make a motion to heave myself off the couch, Ellie pops up out of nowhere to offer me her hand to pull me up, which is really quite cute and solicitous, but also makes me feel a little like an invalid. (We’re re-watching Season 5 of Alias, and Sidney Bristow was still out fighting terrorists the day she went into labour, so. You know. It can make a girl feel a bit inferior is all.) She also occasionally peers into my face, eyes all scrunched up with concern, and says sadly, “Mommy tired.” Indeed.