Norton can’t believe I typed 500 words on how there’s nothing much new around here

I keep thinking I should update this blog, but things have been kind of quiet around the ol’ homestead. Nothing much happened for so long I was starting to think I’d have to turn it into one of those “here’s what I ate today” blogs, except no one wants to see a plate of spaghetti and a glass of lemonade as often as I’d be forced to admit I eat them. I haven’t exactly been eating a varied diet lately, and to make matters worse I’ve been having pretty intense cravings for dill pickles, so my transformation into one of those Pregnant Lady Cartoons is pretty much complete.

Ellie turned two last weekend. I was going to do a whole post about it, but you know, I don’t really have that much to say. It does sort of boggle the mind to think that she’s two, because it feels like we’ve had her forever, but it ALSO feels like she just arrived. At any rate, she’s pretty cool. We had some visitors yesterday, and Ellie’s almost-one-year-old friend Kali was crawling all over the playroom and getting into all of Ellie’s toys, which is good and fun and helped Ellie practice her sharing skills, but a few times Kali grabbed at Ellie’s lovey, her formerly-white-but-not-mostly-grey Lambie, and Ellie wasn’t interested in sharing Lambie (not that I would expect her to be; I think it’s okay she has one thing that is just hers) so she got up at one point, put Lambie outside the room, and closed the door. Every couple of minutes she’d open the door a crack, take a peek at Lambie, and close the door again. Two-year-olds are weird little people and I think it’s great.

I was also going to post something about this pregnancy, but there’s really not much to report there either. This new baby is also pretty cool (I assume) and has recently eased up a little in its mission to make me nauseous all the time, which is a great relief. Feeling like you have food poisoning for four months is not a fun thing to experience. I have an ultrasound scheduled in a couple of weeks, and I’m crossing my fingers that the tiny fetus will uncross its legs so I can stop referring to it as “it”. Also so I can shop for tiny little fleecy baby suits for the winter.

And I was going to talk a little bit about the vacation we’re taking soon, but we’re just going to go lay on a beach in Cuba and drink virgin pina coladas, so there’s not much to say about that. Has anyone out there read anything good lately? I plan to load up myself with sunscreen and my Kindle with books and plant both of those things in a beach chair for as long as humanly possible. I’d love some recommendations to facilitate that. (Books, not sunscreen, although if you have a favourite sunscreen I’ll happily listen to that too, because I’ve never found one that I liked. Why are they all so sticky?)