The view from here

You’re not going to believe this, but I can see the great outdoors from where I’m sitting (if I turn my head a little to the left) and it is SNOWING. As it has been doing what feels like every day since … I want to say October? It seems impossible to believe it has snowed pretty regularly lo these five months, and yet here we are. (My parents leave in a couple of weeks for six weeks on the Big Island of Hawaii. I haven’t yet discussed this with them, but I’m hoping they’ll have some time to scout available real estate for my new bookstore.) It hasn’t actually been that bad a winter, as far as these things go, but the precipitation gods have been making up for lost time in the snow department as of late, and a week or so ago we got a huge dump of snow, so big that Mike was nearly flattened with appreciation when our across-the-street neighbour, a nice retired man that we’ve seen but never actually met, came over with his snow blower to help take care of things in our driveway. I suggested to Mike that he get this gentleman a Tim Hortons gift card as a token of our gratitude, and I think with this anecdote in the bag we can finally award the medals in the competition for “Most Canadian Thing Ever Said or Done”. Unless someone else has ever made the same suggestion while wearing a toque and petting a moose. I admit that this is possible, although not likely. I will await the committee’s decision.