Little kid in a big chair

I’ve always kind of thought I’m not a baby person, but the past couple of weeks has really proven to me that I am correct in believing that. I mean, babies are cute, and there is something to be said for their warm floppiness and the way you can snuggle them up on your chest and they won’t lick you and dart off giggling, but toddlers are infinitely better, at least in my estimation. (I say that recognizing completely that she’s only in the infancy of toddlerhood, and in a few months I will be coming here to moan about tantrums.) (Also: I don’t mean YOUR baby. Your baby is great. I love your baby.) Ellie is just so, so much fun right now. She’s also moody and impulsive and has learned to climb on things and whines like it’s her job every day starting at about 3:30 … but other than that, she is just a freaking delight. She just seems like a little PERSON all of a sudden, a person who crosses her ankles when she sits on the couch and who comes to find me just to give me (gross, wet) kisses, and who pointed to my friend’s werewolf t-shirt and said “doggy!” One day before we went to camp, I said to her, “Please bring me your shoes” and she … brought me her shoes! We can communicate now! In a way we both understand!

And we discovered the other night that even though she only SAYS about 10-15 words, she understands way more than that. We started naming things in the living room and asking her to bring them to us, and she did every single time, even when it was “straw” (which might speak more about my iced coffee addiction than her brilliance, but whatever). Yesterday I said to her, “Where are your toys?” and she grabbed the end of her foot. I thought, hmmm, better try that one again. After 17 more attempts to get her to recognize where her toys were kept, each of which resulted in foot-grabbing, I realized she thought I was saying “toes”, which … we never taught her that? But she learned it somewhere?

At any rate, I think she is ready to get a job and start contributing to this family. Is there a job that primarily involves identifying and pointing to dogs? Or eating a lot of bananas? Or maybe should we start her with a simple lemonade stand?