I don’t mean to alarm anyone, but I saw some crunchy-looking leaves in a big pile under a tree the other day, and then yesterday morning when I went to get in my car, there was a crunchy-looking leaf on the dashboard. I have the windows open in our house, but I am wearing a sweater and socks as I type this. Socks, people! SOCKS. This is unacceptable.

I have seen a lot of ads recently for a new washing machine that apparently does a load of clothes in less time than the usual washer. How much less time? you might be wondering. Twenty whole minutes less time, which leads to the tagline for this particular appliance, which is something like “What will YOU do with your twenty extra minutes?” Which, I mean … does the ad executive for this particular campaign … not understand how laundry works? You don’t have to STAND THERE the whole time the cycle is going. Or … have I been doing laundry wrong this whole time? Are my clothes not getting clean because I’m not supervising the process?

There is something about fall approaching that always makes me want to start a new project, even though I am not a project-y person. Learn to knit? Make some curtains? Make a different kind of soup every day for a week? I am not a crafty person, nor am I the sort of person who embarks recklessly upon some Week of Soup. And yet? As they do every year, my thoughts turn toward crafty, soupy things. The possibilities are endless, and my enthusiasm is boundless. At least until November, at which point my thoughts turn toward hibernation, because winter is a force to be reckoned with. Or suffered through. Possibly both. At any rate, I have a lot of project MOTIVATION, but not much project SKILL. This seems like a recipe for frustration. Perhaps I will just taste test all of the hot chocolates available in the greater Wellesley area in preparation for the hunkering down that is as inevitable as the crunchy leaves on my dashboard.