I’m enjoying the Olympics, but I’m kind of over the commentary. I normally quite enjoy Canadian Brian Williams (especially the outstanding sweaters he wears to cover the Winter Olympics) but the other day he was reporting (along with another man, because apparently all of the women who would have been qualified to talk about the role of women in sports were unavailable at this time, probably out shoe shopping, amirite?) on the press conference featuring the female Saudi Arabian judo competitor, and when it got to the point where she was supposed to start answering questions and her brother answered them instead, he said, “For reasons that are unclear, her brother answered that question for her.” FOR REASONS THAT ARE UNCLEAR? The reasons are perfectly clear to anyone with a brain and a little awareness of human rights issues, BRIAN WILLIAMS. Saudi Arabia may have capitulated to the IOC’s ultimatum that they allow a woman to compete or have their country banned from the Olympics altogether, but we’re still talking about a country ranked FIFTH WORST in the entire world for women’s rights. In fact, I’m pretty ticked off at the media’s collusion with all of this, their light-hearted commentary on how this is a great sign of a giant leap forward in the Olympics and in Saudi Arabia. Why can’t we call a spade a spade? Why can’t we say, “Nice try, Saudi Arabia, but we see what you’re doing here. Maybe let a woman vote without the supervision and permission of her husband, and maybe stop criminally persecuting women for their own sexual assaults, and maybe stop encouraging horrible old men to marry 10 year old girls, and maybe do something to guarantee the safety of the two female athletes when they return to a country filled with a lot of people who are really very angry about their inclusion, and then we can have a pleasant chat about your presence at the Olympics.” I mean REALLY. For reasons that are unclear? Are you kidding me with this?