Deck shoes! Can you even stand it?

Sorry for the radio silence, folks. I was leaving the Raisin Bran post up in the hopes that a literary agent would stumble upon it and give me a 5 book deal, but that … hasn’t happened. Oh well, there’s still the possibility someone will establish a Pulitzer Prize in Blogging, in which case the Pulitzer representatives are free to stroll through the archives in search of my greatness.

It has been a busy few weeks around here! There has been vacationing (Mike and I) and playing in buckets of water (Ellie) and hanging out at pools (Ellie and I). Plus, two weeks ago Ellie took her first steps! Which was exciting! But kind of anti-climactic, because she then proceeded to not walk any more until last Wednesday, when she woke up and was apparently done with crawling. She just walks everywhere now. It’s so strange how she tackles these physical milestones, all “Nope! Not interested! Not going to do it! You’ll just have to put up with a few more months of people acting shocked I’m not doing it yet, and then telling you that you probably shouldn’t worry about it, even though it wouldn’t have occurred to you to worry about it in the first place if people weren’t reassuring you it wasn’t something to worry about!” Then BLAMM-O, super proficient crawling, literally overnight. Or, in this case, super proficient walking. Now we have to start putting shoes on her when we leave the house, which is a little difficult to remember, but worth it when you consider baby deck shoes. Baby deck shoes! Can you even imagine? The cuteness is almost overwhelming. Seriously, best $6 I ever spent.

In other news, we are sick. Again. I say “we” there referring to Ellie and I, but it is only a matter of time before Mike has it too, because we are nothing if not a family that shares everything. I know it’s not actually true, but I feel like for the past 16 months or so, we have been sick pretty much exclusively with the exception of a few extremely brief periods of good health. It’s probably more likely the reverse of that is true, but I swear that this child brings plague into this house on a far too regular basis. And she only goes to daycare once a week! Where is she finding these germs? Does she lick the floor at the grocery store when we’re not looking? Anyway, I am kind of enjoying being sick this time. Well, not enjoying the sickness exactly, but enjoying that for the first time in 2 years, I can put anything I want in my body without having to worry about someone ELSE’S body being affected. Cold FX? Sure! Neo Citran? Why not! Medicinal margarita? Don’t mind if I do!