While we’re loving every moment around here, I should tell you that I was at Walmart a few weeks ago, on an errand I pretty much invented just as an excuse to get out of the house (so it wasn’t a day where I was LOVING every moment so much as looking for ways to FILL every moment) and as I was checking out with my toothpaste and baby food, I happened to glance into the photo studio, and saw a huge promotional sign affixed to the wall that proclaimed “THESE ARE THE MOMENTS!” Et tu, Walmart? ET TU?

I have another mug that is more thematically consistent with the way I was feeling on Thursday, when I obviously selected the wrong mug for the job. It has a sad-looking Eeyore on it (perhaps that was redundant, since I suppose Eeyore rarely if ever looks gleeful, but I think being able to fully picture his morose expression is key to your understanding of the awesomeness of this particular mug) and over his head it says, “Good morning. If it is a good morning. Which I doubt.” I save this mug for mornings that require the mood boost that only commiseration with a sad donkey can bring.  

But today’s morning did not require a donkey intervention, because Ellie woke up after the sun came up, which I find has a rather drastic effect on my attitude toward crawling out of bed. (As I’ve said before, it’s never a GOOD attitude, but some days are better than others.) It doesn’t matter so much what TIME it is, as long as it is light out, which makes winter feel difficult and endless, because she could sleep in to a truly impressive hour and it would still be dark outside when she got up. Those days I feel like I am doing pretty well to just be conscious through those first precious moments of the day, where Ellie is chirping cheerfully at me, and I’m blearily rubbing my eyes and trying to bring the world into focus. Frankly, it would be difficult to understate the enthusiasm with which I greet the spring every year, which is why I’m assuming the weather forecasts predicting a winter storm today are just an elaborate practical joke. I keep peering out the window suspiciously, wondering when it’s going to start. The weather report said something about a low-pressure system from Mexico. Thanks for SHARING, Mexico. I’m not going to have to dig out Ellie’s snowsuit, am I? And my winter boots? And my SCARF? Maybe let’s just not think of that.