I was going to blog this week about more interesting stuff (Ellie said her first word! we are going on a mini-vacation in a few weeks! other things I can’t think of right now!) but I came down with strep throat on Tuesday so I’ve spent the past few days focusing all of my energy on trying not to die. Mike stayed home for a couple of days and I got to lay on the couch watching old episodes of Ellen so at least I didn’t have to worry about taking care of Ellie but it was all pretty miserable. I think the thing that makes all of this the absolute worst is that I had a dentist appointment at the end of last week to have THREE cavities filled (four needles! 70 minutes in the chair! hole in my lip from the straw of the smoothie I stopped for on my way home and stupidly drank while my face was still frozen!) and it seems like there is a very good chance that I got the strep AT THE DENTIST. Which is like adding insult to injury, only worse. What is worse than adding insult to injury? Injury to injury? I don’t even know. Whatever is worse, that’s what this is. I didn’t think it was possible for me to hate the dentist any more. AND YET.

(As an aside: in the interest of not spreading this any further, there has obviously been lots of handwashing going on around here. I remember reading somewhere years ago that in order for a good handwashing session to be truly effective at exterminating germs, you have to wash for at least 30 seconds, which is roughly how long it takes to sing Happy Birthday. Ever since then, I always hum it under my breath whenever I wash my hands, but it’s always in that affected, whispery Marilyn Monroe way, complete with the “Mr. President” part at the end. I have no idea why.)

Anyway, I got some penicillin and started feeling better yesterday. This morning I woke up with zero trace of a sore throat. About an hour ago, my throat became scratchy in the way it always does right before I get a cold. I emailed Mike for reassurance that this is likely just lingering traces of the strep, and he said HE feels crummy and has a scratchy throat TOO. This was not, as you can imagine, reassuring news. I think I have been sick more this winter than I have in the past 5 winters combined. (Babies, as it turns out, are total plague monkeys. They lure you in with their chubby, stubby little toes and then when you least suspect it, they sneeze germs all over you.) As soon as Ellie wakes up from her nap, I am going to go directly to the pharmacy to purchase all of their vitamin C, and then we are going to move to Hawaii, where there is a total absence of winter but an abundance of sunshine and fruity cocktails. I think I will open a used bookstore and get a couple of cats that I will name something pretentious, like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, and they will live at the bookstore, and we will just pretend like this whole winter NEVER HAPPENED.