I’m having the sort of week where I want to lay about in my pajamas and indulge in pleasant fantasies about tropical vacations, so in lieu of a real blog post, here are some updates on things you likely haven’t thought of since you closed your browser window after first reading about them, if in fact you paid attention long enough to read the whole blog post in the first place (some of you are SKIMMERS, I can tell by my web stats, don’t think I don’t notice! I slave away all day over a hot blog post, and this is the thanks I get! no, no, it’s fine, I get it, you’re busy people with busy lives) (you can feel free to skim this one if you want, since it’s basically just a clips show hastily assembled during the last few minutes of Ellie’s nap):

Remember when I wondered if it was possible to change from a non-morning person into a morning person? Scientists have decided that no, it is not. Apparently there is a morning person gene. I do not have it. Pass me a mug of something warm and caffeinated.

Remember when I said I would try to read more books? After years of bloviating about how I thought e-readers were evil, how they were a terrible invention that was going to ruin books for everyone, and how I would rather die than own one (on account of their terribleness and lack of yummy book smell and inability to be displayed pretentiously around the house) I ended up getting one for Christmas, because my brother decided I was wrong. Turns out he was right! About me being wrong, that is. I kind of love my Kindle, not least of all because it makes it very easy to purchase books (I pretty much just have to think of it, and there it is on my screen). I spent most of January reading the Hunger Games trilogy during every spare moment, desperate each day for just 5 more minutes of nap time so I could read a couple more pages. I also spent most of January constantly feeling cold and slightly creeped out, and having terrible nightmares from which I awoke in a cold sweat on the regular. I’m pretty sure both of those things are related. (I also had a dream about Super Grover, though, so there’s really no way to tell exactly WHAT my subconscious is thinking at any given time. And one of those ones where it’s the day before an exam and you realize all of a sudden you completely forgot to go to class all semester. I have that dream at least once a month, and it is always, ALWAYS a science exam. Why science? I would have thought that any panicked dreams about university exams would be about math, although I guess my subconscious knows that the idea of me taking university-level math courses is laughable to the point of being too ridiculous even for a dream.) So: good books. Highly recommended, provided you are not as suggestible as I am.

Remember when I said I put hydrogen peroxide in my eye? It is possible that if you read that and were unfamiliar with contact lenses, and therefore unfamiliar with the fact that there are in fact lens cleaning solutions that you CAN put in your eye (indirectly, after rinsing your lens — you don’t squirt it directly into your eye), you might have come to the conclusion that I was an idiot, because why on earth I would put any cleaning solution in my eye, much less one made with hydrogen peroxide, maybe I have bad dreams about science exams because I should be more careful with hazardous chemicals, etc. I think for a while there my father-in-law ( PhD and retired chemist) was questioning his son’s choice of life partner, and I can certainly understand why, given the lack of context in that blog post. You’ll have to forgive me, I could barely see to type.

Remember when I sent mail to Kuwait? It still has not arrived. *sad trombone*