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Clips show

I’m having the sort of week where I want to lay about in my pajamas and indulge in pleasant fantasies about tropical vacations, so in lieu of a real blog post, here are some updates on things you likely haven’t thought of since you closed your browser window after first reading about them, if in fact you paid attention long enough to read the whole blog post in the first place (some of you are SKIMMERS, I can tell by my web stats, don’t think I don’t notice! I slave away all day over a hot blog post, and this is the thanks I get! no, no, it’s fine, I get it, you’re busy people with busy lives) (you can feel free to skim this one if you want, since it’s basically just a clips show hastily assembled during the last few minutes of Ellie’s nap): (more…)


I think I’ve mentioned here before that I’ve had some problems with my eyes since having Ellie. I spent a lot of time in optometrists offices during the summer and fall (time I didn’t really have, since I had to arrange childcare during the day, and time I really didn’t want to spend doing that, because if you’re going to have childcare during the day, who wants to spend it at the optometrist) and they couldn’t really figure out how to solve the problem, because they weren’t really sure what the problem was. However, I discovered that there is an optometrist in our tiny little town, so I booked an appointment last week, she checked me out, diagnosed me with having been misdiagnosed by the floppity-jillion other docs I’d seen, and sent me on my merry way with permission to wear my contact lenses again and a new, improved, better-fitting pair of lenses to try. Which happily has gone off without a hitch (I’m only wearing them a few hours a day, but it is nice to wear them while doing things like working out, since I don’t continually have to push them up my sweaty nose) until this morning. The soaking/cleaning solution I’ve been using (based on a recommendation from the optometrist) is made with hydrogen peroxide. You pour it into the special holder, it foams away and the foam somehow cleans your lenses overnight. I went to put my lenses in before working out, noticed something on one of them, grabbed the solution out of habit, rubbed the lens a bit in my hand, put it directly into my eye … and then spent the next minute shrieking and clawing at my eye. It is not easy to get a lens out of your eye when you are panicking and in pain.

APPARENTLY you shouldn’t put hydrogen peroxide directly into your eye. So, you know, FYI. Because they don’t put that on the box.  (more…)


2011 was a pretty fantastic year, on just about every front. Mike passed his final actuarial exam, Ellie arrived, and we bought a new house. I think it’s pretty clear that 2012 isn’t likely to be nearly as awesome (although, as my sister-in-law commented, it isn’t too late to have another baby in 2012, to which both Mike and I say HAHAHAHAHAHA) but Ellie slept in until 7:30 this morning and then I drank a large iced coffee, so it is off to a good start, at least, if only in terms of restedness and/or caffeination.

Anyway, I made some New Years Resolutions, because I love making lists and also throwing myself headlong into projects I will eventually abandon. They are as follows:

  • Read more books. I’m ashamed to say that in 2011 I only read 5 books that weren’t about babies. If we add in the baby books, we’re still probably only looking at about 8 or 9. I … don’t even know why. Please don’t tell anyone, or they may come revoke my English degree. Actually, feel free to spread it around, because they give English degrees out like samples at Costco so I can probably get another one if I’m willing to brave the post-Christmas crowds.
  • Put some change into the little change-collecting boxes at cash registers. You know the ones so kids can go to camp or diabetes can be cured? Those ones. Every time. This might prove to be a bit of a challenge, because I don’t often carry cash with me, and when I do I tend to spend it on iced coffee.
  • Wear more hats.
  • Submit to being photographed more often, and then try not to make a big fuss when I don’t like the photo. (Related: learn to accept the fact that I have a double chin. I am an Anderson; it is pretty much an inevitability. In fact, Ellie is already working on hers. She is apparently a Butler in name only.)
  • You know when someone on the internet makes a deliberately vague reference to something that you know is going to be unsettling/gross/spidery and there’s a link and you click that link even though you know you shouldn’t click it and then you wonder why you clicked it? I’m going to stop clicking those links.
  • If I have time left over, I’m also going to try to make some more madly misshapen curtains with my sewing machine. And say thank you more often and to more people, because people like to be thanked. At least, I do, so I assume it’s pretty universal.

Anyway, thanks for hanging out here last year. My site stats say I have many more readers than I can account for simply by listing my family and close personal friends. They’re required by law to read whatever I post here, but you’re not, and even though I don’t have any idea who you are, I think you’re pretty awesome.