Today is Babysitter Day, when our lovely babysitter comes for a few hours so I can get some work done (I guess that is pretty self explanatory, so I didn’t really need to elaborate, but you’re welcome for the explanation anyway) and I have 25 minutes left of babysitter time in which to post this, which shouldn’t be a problem, since the entire reason I am writing a blog post is so I can use Written Kitten, an adorable website that rewards you with a fresh kitten photo for every 100 words you type. That is the kind of thing that motivates me to blog even if I don’t have very much to say. If someone could create a similar website but with PENGUINS, I would probably actually get around to writing that book I keep talking about.


It is snowing today, enough that some has actually accumulated on the ground, and while I accept the inevitability of this scenario (winter is like death and taxes in its persistence and also its unpleasantness), I still heartily disapprove.

Moving Day is rapidly approaching, and packing is going … hmmm, I wouldn’t exactly say it’s going “well” but I can say we’ve only had one day that involved any yelling or threats of throwing out someone’s beloved items under the cover of night (sample conversation: “I’m going to FILE FOR DIVORCE!” “FINE, then at least I’ll be able to PACK IN PEACE!”) so I guess we’re doing better than I thought we would. Packing is a challenge for a couple whose members come down firmly on either side of the Keep It/Throw It Out debate, and while I will keep the answer to who is who on the down-low so as not to embarrass anyone, I will say that we would probably have nothing to actually move into the new house if I was solely in charge of this whole packing palaver, and one of us would eventually end up in a tragic news story about having been killed by a falling tower of instruction manuals if Mike was in charge. I assume there is some kind of happy medium between the two extremes, but we sadly have not found it.

I don’t really know how to end this blog post except to tell you that I have received four cat photos while typing this, two of which were orange kittens, so I consider this blog post a raging success in every way possible.