The baby is napping and I’m watching Restaurant Makeover through my fingers the same way I do with horror movies because the restaurant owners keep changing their minds about what they want and calling the designer and 4 in the morning and it is making me TOO TENSE.

Did you notice above where I said the baby is napping? Did you notice how I said it all casually, as though it’s not the biggest deal ever because it means I can stop feeling a little bit crazier every single day? All it took was doing something simple I could have easily done months ago when her nap aversion started and could therefore avoided this whole situation, but let’s not think about that.

The napping has put me in such a good mood the past few days that I have started listening to Christmas music a few weeks ahead of schedule. And it snowed for the first time this morning (Ellie was asleep in the car when it happened, so she missed it, but that is okay because it will happen MANY MORE TIMES between now and April) so all in all I am feeling extremely festive.