Monthly archive for November 2011

Attention: morning persons

Do you think a person can change from a Non Morning Person into one of those Morning People? It’s something I’ve been pondering lately, wondering if there’s some kind of training you can undergo that will magically transform you into someone for whom getting out of bed in the morning is an experience to embrace with vim and/or vigour, rather than someone for whom the first thought upon waking up in the morning is a calculation to determine the soonest opportunity one can to return to bed. Or is it something that’s hardcoded into your DNA, and trying to change it is an exercise in frustration with no useful payoff, like switching from left-handedness to right-handedness, or learning calculus? (more…)

You’ve got mail! (eventually)

My cousin Trish got married in July, and then promptly moved to Kuwait, for reasons that are unclear even to me, but which apparently have nothing to do with abandoning me and everything to do with finding a job over there that “pays well” and “is fulfilling” and “helps further her career” or some-such nonsense. Because they were more or less immediately picking up and moving halfway across the world, they didn’t want the usual toasters/mixers/trifle bowls/flatware/towels you tend to get as wedding gifts, and I had decided that rather than write them a cheque I would purchase a weddingy type gift (hint: not a trifle bowl) and mail it to them in Kuwait. I got to shop for fun consumer products! They got another wedding gift after the wedding gift excitement had already petered out! Plus they would get mail at work, which would make them the envy of their colleagues! Exclamation point! (more…)

Will write for kittens

Today is Babysitter Day, when our lovely babysitter comes for a few hours so I can get some work done (I guess that is pretty self explanatory, so I didn’t really need to elaborate, but you’re welcome for the explanation anyway) and I have 25 minutes left of babysitter time in which to post this, which shouldn’t be a problem, since the entire reason I am writing a blog post is so I can use Written Kitten, an adorable website that rewards you with a fresh kitten photo for every 100 words you type. That is the kind of thing that motivates me to blog even if I don’t have very much to say. If someone could create a similar website but with PENGUINS, I would probably actually get around to writing that book I keep talking about. (more…)

Fa la la la la

The baby is napping and I’m watching Restaurant Makeover through my fingers the same way I do with horror movies because the restaurant owners keep changing their minds about what they want and calling the designer and 4 in the morning and it is making me TOO TENSE.

Did you notice above where I said the baby is napping? Did you notice how I said it all casually, as though it’s not the biggest deal ever because it means I can stop feeling a little bit crazier every single day? All it took was doing something simple I could have easily done months ago when her nap aversion started and could therefore avoided this whole situation, but let’s not think about that.

The napping has put me in such a good mood the past few days that I have started listening to Christmas music a few weeks ahead of schedule. And it snowed for the first time this morning (Ellie was asleep in the car when it happened, so she missed it, but that is okay because it will happen MANY MORE TIMES between now and April) so all in all I am feeling extremely festive.

Six months

You know those mornings where the sheets seem extra soft, and the bed seems extra warm (especially compared to the air outside the bed, which seems extra cold) and it seems extra necessary to lie there a few extra minutes? I was having one of those mornings today, but I got up early, woke and fed and clothed the baby, fed and clothed myself, loaded us both into the car, drove 25 minutes across town, and then discovered the baby program at the Early Years Centre was cancelled for today. So. You know. Not the best start to the day, plus it left me with an entire day in which to figure out how to entertain Ellie on my own. Which is not an easy task, since she has recently become VERY CONCERNED for my safety every time I leave the room, or try to put her down for a nap, or even move a foot to the left.  (more…)