We had the good fortune of visiting with some friends this weekend, and one of those friends pointed out to me that my blog posts lately have been rather baby-centric (I don’t think it was a complaint, exactly, just an observation and certainly not an incorrect observation) so I am here this evening to appeal to the non-baby-loving demographic. However, I have done so many loads of laundry in the past 5 months that I may have lost touch with that particular demographic, so consider yourself warned that I may just end up talking about the baby anyway.

I may have mentioned I went back to work a couple of weeks ago. It’s just part-time, organized around naptime and babysitter time and Sesame Street time and once in a while some evening/weekend time too. It’s been really good, mostly. It is nice to use the creative part of my brain and it’s nice to reconnect with clients and it’s really, really nice to work on something that stays done when I’ve finished it. It’s been a little challenging to figure out how to balance motherhood and running a business, and there are some days I repeatedly question the wisdom of attempting this, or attempting it so early into this other big life project. I’d say at this point it’s probably 80% loving my job, as usual, and 20% wondering if I’ve lost my mind, which is a ratio that is much better than previous jobs I’ve had (95% hating every minute, 5% oh well, at least there are good cookies in the cafeteria) or even this particular job while I was pregnant (50% loving my job, 20% loving my job’s proximity to my bed, 20% loving my job’s extremely casual dresscode, 10% nauseously appreciating my job’s generous supply of ginger ale). It has been good to settle back into a routine, although it has been somewhat of an adjustment since my new daytime routine in no way resembles my old daytime routine, not least of all because I have somehow developed an iced coffee habit that I have to work part-time just to support, so I spend my morning in a delightfully caffeinated haze and the afternoon wondering if it would be a mistake to have another one.

Last night we had plans to meet some friends for dinner, and our friends ended up being unable to make it, but we already had a babysitter booked so we went out anyway. We ate a leisurely dinner and I drank a generously-sized margarita and then when we realized we still had some babysitter time left, we went to the grocery store, which was quiet and nearly empty, and we shopped for boring things like raspberries and deli turkey all by ourselves, and then we went to bed at 11:00, all the while luxuriating in our lameness. I remember reading on a blog that it’s not that someone’s personality changes when they have a baby, it’s just that their lives change, and I think that is pretty accurate, because we are no more lame than we were before Ellie arrived, but now we just have to pay a teenager $5 an hour for the opportunity to be lame (but we both consider that to be money extremely well spent).

The other night as I was getting into bed, I stepped on one of Daisy’s favourite toys, a well-worn stuffed hedgehog that is missing most of its fur due to enthusiastic labradoodle chewing, and I commented to Mike that our house is infested with hedgehogs, only what I actually said was that we were INVESTED with hedgehogs, and all of a sudden I pictured a little hedgehog sitting behind a desk, wearing a suit and tie and talking about blue chip stocks and bear markets, and then I thought of Hedge Fund Managers, and then I got the giggles so badly I think Mike was starting to wonder if I maybe need to leave the house more often. Hedgehogs! Managing money! COME ON THAT’S FUNNY.