I don’t want to be That Guy (the “Now that I have kids, I’m just so BUSY!” guy) but I will say that when your normally-takes-a-3-hour-nap-every-day baby spontaneously forgets how to nap, and wants instead to be clinging to your person all the time, you need to make some ADJUSTMENTS to your schedule. Especially when the household moratorium on napping occurs the week after you decide to go back to work. I’m typing this while eating a hastily constructed sandwich, hoping Sesame Street will hold Ellie’s attention for longer than 5 minutes. This episode seems to feature muppet chickens (one of which is named Atilla the Hen) who are terrified of thunderstorms (with hilarious results!) so hopefully it will be a while before the yelling begins again. (Oh, the yelling. So much yelling.) 

So. Quick recap. Our week at camp was lovely, in spite of being in very close proximity to the tornado that devastated Goderich. All we got out in the country was a very bad storm, plus a bunch of campers who had their parents texting them every time the weather got bad to see if they were okay. (There isn’t much in the way of tornado-proof shelter on the campsite, so it could have been so much worse, and I am very grateful that it wasn’t.) It was so nice to introduce Ellie to a place that is very special to us, to continue a family tradition now that our family is a little larger, and to see how well she did in a new environment. It was a little frustrating to miss out on a lot of the fun activities (Ellie always needed to be fed or put to bed when the action was going on) but it was worth it. Mostly. Except when it wasn’t, because there is nothing that can make you decide everything is The Worst quite like a baby who won’t sleep.

But she did sleep, most of the time, until we headed to my parents’ place for the week while Mike was at a conference, at which point she decided that naps were for suckers, as was going to bed at night without a lot of singing, rocking, and tears (hers AND mine). It would have been so much worse if not for my wonderful parents, who not only helped during the week, but babysat on Friday so I could head into Toronto and spend the day at the super swanky hotel Mike’s conference was at, and then watch him get his certificate. He is a real, live actuary now, and I couldn’t be more proud. Or relieved. (Mostly proud.)

The hotel, as I mentioned, was pretty fancy, as was the neighbourhood it was in. Mike and I went out for lunch on Friday during a break in his day, and on the walk back we passed a store called “Barbara Hemmings Leather Goods” … which I misread as “Baby Lemmings Leather Goods”. I was quite horrified. That just seems EXTRA mean, you know? There’s an obvious joke here about how production costs would be relatively low, because you’d only have to lure ONE of the wee little lemmings into a trap, but you’ll have to write that joke for yourself, because: THE YELLING.